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Sergio Albendea

Sergio Albendea




Welcome to my website My name is Sergio Albendea I work as a massage therapist in Valencia Spain.I do Thai Massage(I studied in Chiang Mai Thailand),Deep tissue (Boulder Colorado) and Sports massage in Valencia. I am English Spoken if your Spanish is limited do not hesitate to contact me in English.On my page you will find all the information about prices,location and therapies.If I don´t pick up the phone send me a WhatsApp I will reply you in less than one hour I hope to hear from you Sergio 

Deep Tissue

The technique of deep tissue massage is designed to penetrate beneath the superficial layers of muscle , making it ideal for treating chronic muscle problems and restrictions or muscle tightness . Because his technique is very suitable for deep release any accumulated muscle tension, especially in people who generate muscular stress load over time. It is also very helpful in athletes who accumulate a certain degree of muscle tension as a result of its training Price: 40 €   60min

Sports Massage

It is understood as sports massage the physical mechanism is executed, in most cases , with a manual technique in order to improve performance and physical condition of anyone performing sport, although it could be applied to people who do not They perform the same purpose . The massage itself is nothing more than a set of manual maneuvers aimed both tissues athlete preparing for competition ( competition pre massage ) and recover once the sport has concluded (massage after competition) or to heal damaged tissue (massage rehabilitation ) Price: 40€ 60min

Thai Massage

It is an ancient massage technique that combines acupressure points , principles of ayurveda massage and assisted stretching of Yoga. It is practiced on the floor on a mat , wearing comfortable clothes and no oil is used . The therapist uses his feet , knees and hands to perform stretches, pressures and mobilizations. Many people say it’s like a yoga session without making effort. It improves flexibility and posture, reduces stress and muscle stiffness Price: 40€   60min

Mobile Massage

If you are not familiar in Valencia or you don´t have time to come to my office.I offer mobile massage too.If you have a massage table at your house or you are two people the prices goes lower Price: 60min 65€ 2 people 120min 110€

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