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The technique of deep tissue massage is designed to penetrate beneath the superficial layers of muscle, making this technique ideal for treating chronic muscle problems, movement restrictions, or muscle tightness. This technique is very suitable to release any accumulated muscle tension, especially for people who suffer ongoing or muscular stress over time. It is also very helpful for athletes who experience muscle tension as a result of regular training

Prices: 40€ 60min  /  55€ 90min



Sports Massage

With a  sports massage, the physical movements related to the specific sport are executed, in most cases , with a manual technique to improve performance and physical condition. While this can be used with athletes of all levels, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy this type of massage! If you are active, a sports massage can help overall body movement and relieve stress. The massage itself provides a set of manual maneuvers designed for preparing for competition (competition pre-massage) and recovery after competition (post-competition massage). Additionally, a sports massage can help heal damaged tissue (massage rehabilitation)

Prices: 40€ 60min / 55€ 90min

Thai Massage Valencia

Thai Massage is an ancient massage technique that combines acupressure points, principles of ayurveda massage, and assisted stretching in Yoga. It is practiced on the floor on a mat , wearing comfortable clothes and no oil is used. The therapist uses feet, knees, and hands to perform stretches, providing pressure, and conducting mobilizations. Many people say it’s like a yoga session without as much effort! A Thai massage improves flexibility and posture, reduces stress and muscle stiffness

Prices: 40€ 60min  /  55€ 90min

Mobile Massage

If you are not familiar in Valencia or you don´t have time to come to my office.I offer mobile massage too at your Hotel,Air Bnb etc

65€ 60min(City Center)

2 persons 100€ 60min(City Center)

Baron de Carcer 48,nine floor,door K

Massage Valencia

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